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Our Training Locations

Whitewater kayaking is all about adventure, and we believe in giving students the opportunity to push their push their paddling with us all over the globe. Whatever your ambition, we can take you there. 


Course venues within the UK

North Wales

North Wales has one of the highest concentrations of top quality whitewater in the UK. It gives us an excellent classroom, with venues ranging from low grade rapids and slow moving water, right the way through to steep and technical creeking. Paddle365 is very happy to call North Wales Home-base. 


Paddle365 was born in Scotland, and we'd love you to join us in experiencing the terrain that made us fall in love with coaching whitewater kayaking. The Highlands has unparalleled beauty and epic rivers. 

Yorkshire & The Lakes

A lesser classic, Northern England has some really fantastic whitewater rivers with beautiful scenery, great whitewater and huge variety.

Lee Valley Whitewater Centre

The Lee Valley Whitewater Centre is one of Britain's premier training facilities, and we'd love to help you make the most of it!


Dartmoor is arguably the best area in England for whitewater kayaking and where many of our staff learnt to paddle! 

It offers a large variety of rivers, all compacted in a small geographical area making it the ideal location for you to come and sample some of the best whitewater the UK has to offer.

Course venues abroad 

Slovenia - Soća River

Fancy coming over to improve your kayaking in one of Europe's most beautiful destinations?  The Soća Valley is known across the paddling world for it's incredible sapphire blue waters and brilliant whitewater from Class 2 to 4. 

Italy - Valsesia

The Val Sesia region of Italy is famous for its granite bedrock slides, waterfalls and crystal clear water, and offers some of the best steep creeking in Europe. 

World class whitewater is matched by world class food and wine.

Norway - Sjoa

Norway is a mecca for whitewater paddlers from all over the world. Alongside the mountains, Trolls and Vikings, the Fjordlands are home to some of the most varied river terrain on the planet. 


Nepal offers one of the coolest whitewater kayaking destinations on the planet!  Get a taste of expedition kayaking and learn to paddle big volume with coaches who have extensive experience working in this amazing location.

Immerse yourself in a diverse culture, camp out under the stars, sample new foods and spot amazing wildlife; all the time surrounded by the beautiful scenery of Nepal.


Kayaking has taken us to some amazing places and our trips and courses are geared to be experiences of a lifetime. We are so happy to be sharing them with you!



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