Whitewater Skills Courses

Whatever stage you're at on your whitewater kayaking development, Paddle365 has a course for you.

Discover Whitewater (Grade1/2) 

We'll work with you to give you the best start in your whitewater career. You'll have great fun, whilst learning fundamental skills with which to start your moving water journey. ​

Moderate Whitewater Skills Booster (Grade 2/3)

This is an improver whitewater kayaking course that aims to give participants the core skills and experiences they'll need in order to become strong and adaptable grade 3 whitewater kayakers.

Advanced Whitewater Skills Booster (Grade 3/4)

In our Skill Booster - Advanced, we will look at adapting your existing whitewater kayaking skills to use on advanced whitewater, which is often characterised by having steeper terrain and longer rapids. We'll work hard so you can gain the confidence and skill to style your lines consistently on harder, longer rapids. 

Rapid Progression (Grade 2/3+)

Can't wait to really feel solid in your boat?! Rapid Progression is a 4 day intensive course designed to build on core skills and iron out bad habits, to build confidence and introduce psychological techniques, and to generally give you all the ingredients you need to pave the way for your continued progress through moderate to advanced water. 

Expert Evolution (Grade 3-4+)

Expert Evolution is a 4 day intensive course designed to help you progress in advanced kayaking to the point that you can step forward and go anywhere. We'll push for challenging moves and develop core techniques so that they can become instinctive. We aim to send you forward with the tools to keep progressing your paddling until you're pulling stylish lines with the consistency of an expert.

Steep Creeking Fundamentals (Grade 3-5, Steep)

Tired of the 'Tuck up and Hope' kayaking strategy? Want to learn to actually feel in control of your boat on steep terrain?​ This course aims to build on core skills for advanced whitewater and have you working towards paddling with style and confidence on challenging whitewater such as waterfalls, slides, and pushy, technical rapids.


Kayaking has taken us to some amazing places and our trips and courses are geared to be experiences of a lifetime. We are so happy to be sharing them with you!



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