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Thuli Bheri Expedition

Thuli Bheri Expedition
- Spaces accepted via application only


Dates: ​

November 2019, TBC


Trip status: Places Available - Via Application Only! 


If you're looking for a real adventure of a lifetime then you've found it! 
We're excited to offer a guided expedition to the remote Thuli Bheri river in the west of Nepal!

This self supported multi-day expedition is one of the best on Earth and is an amazing journey of class 3 -5 whitewater, with a vast majority being class 4, in a remote and breathtaking part of the world. 

We will fly in to begin the river in to the remote town of Juphal in the Dolpa region, located in the high reaches of the west of Nepal.  From here, with the exception of some mandatory portages, we have almost non-stop whitewater for over 100km! 

Due to the nature of this trip, we are only accepting places via application or invite. 

You must be an experienced class 4 kayaker, ideally with experience of running some class 5. 
We will be paddling the river with boats loaded with everything we need for the expedition. This includes all our own food and camping equipment. 

This trip will include a mix of local and private transport. 

Whilst we are there to help guide you down the river and help call the shots, there are many aspects of the expedition outside of our control, and we will rely of each other as a team to safely and efficiently complete the expedition.


Whilst we provide an example itinerary, it is likely to change and adapt due to the nature of expedition kayaking.
Whilst the itinerary states 12 days, we STRONGLY recommend you be available in Nepal for 14, or more if possible. This is to allow for slippage time should we need it due the unreliable nature of travel in Nepal, or should we need extra time on the river. If we return to Kathmandhu with time to spare, then we can help arrange extra paddling days, trekking trips, canyoning or mountain biking via our in country partners. There is of course also the option of just relaxing! 

Example Itinerary

Day 1 - Arrival.

We'll meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodation. Get settled in. You might wish to sleep off the jet-lag, or explore the bustling city of Kathmandhu. We'll meet you for dinner and formal welcome in the evening.


Day 2 - Bhote Kosi warm up.

Using a private vehicle, we will travel to the Bhote Kosi. The Bhote Kosi is one of our favourite runs in Nepal and sadly has a dam being constructed on our favourite section. 
This day not only gives us a chance to paddle this classic, but also to warm up and see where everybody's paddling is at. We can give you some coaching input to help you on our expedition however, you will be expected to paddle this river without too much hassle before committing to the Thuli Bheri. 

With a private vehicle we should have time to do several laps of this section before heading back to Kathmandhu.

Day 3 - Kathmandhu Rest and prep day. 
Today is a chance to rest and prepare gear for the river. Make sure you don't forget anything!


Day 4 -  Transfer to Nepalgunj

We'll use a private vehicle to take us to Nepalgunj, a bustling city in the west of Nepal. From here we can fly to Juphal. 


Day 5 - Flight to Juphal, Dolpa.

An early morning flight from Nepalgunj airport will take us to Juphal, high in the mountains. This is a spectacular flight with amazing mountain vistas! The plane climbs steeply for almost our entire flight time, and then lands! From here we will be met by our contacts and arrange transport for our kayaks to the river. We can take Dhal Bhat and make our way down to the put on where we will pack our equipment and set off on our journey! We will plan to paddle a few hours before reaching the start of the incredible golden canyon section where we will make our camp.


Day 6 - 10 Thuli Bheri.

This river really does not disappoint and we are continually rewarded with breathtaking views and incredible whitewater. Each night we will make our camp on the river bank under the stars.
Eventually, the white water dissipates and we will meet the confluence with the Sani Bheri. From here we will decide on whether the road is a viable option, or to continue down to the road bridge. 

Whatever we decide we would hope to transfer back to Nepalgunj or Kohlapur on our final evening and spend the night in a comfortable hotel. 


Day 11 - Return to Kathmandhu.

We will spend the day journeying back to Kathmandhu. The options here may be to take a night bus leaving in the evening, in which case we will be able to relax and explore another unique town. 


Day 12 - Kathmandhu.

Upon our return to Kathmandhu we will be able to relax and unwind. 
There will be opportunities to explore more of the city, attend a cookery class or just relax with a beer! This evening we will meet up for a final trip wrap up and share some of the pictures from the expedition. We will go out to a nice restaurant for dinner tonight and say our goodbyes.


Course summary

Who's this trip for:
A regular class 4 kayaker who is looking for a real Himalayan white water adventure like no other!
Please email us before booking on this course with you experience level. 
In addition to your skill level, you must also be physically fit and strong. This means being able to portage a loaded kayak over very rough terrain.


Included in the price:

-Airport pickup and drop off (on scheduled arrival and departure days.)

-Private bus transport for our transfer to Nepalgunj.

-Flight to Juphal from Nepalgunj.

-Some meal rations for river.

-Accommodation in Kathmandhu for the time before the expedition and one night from our return to the city.

- Top class professional coaching and guiding from qualified, experienced coaches and guides who know Nepal and have completed the Thuli Bheri previously.

-Satellite communication back up.

-Digital copies of our photos throughout the trip.

-A whole lot of fun!


Not included in the price:

-Alcoholic beverages and additional beverages.

-Food whilst in towns.
-Main meal rations (so you can choose yourself based upon taste/requirements).

-Additional accommodation.

-Any additional transport we may require.

-Personal kayaking gear. (Kayaks and paddles are available to hire for approx $15 per day, however we recommend bringing your own)

-Sleeping bag, mat and personal camping equipment

-Any misc personal expenses. (Ie, gifts, food whilst exploring the city etc).

-Flights to Nepal.

-Personal insurance. (We recommend you take out a fully comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for kayaking on waters of up to and including class 5. Plus cover for cancellation of flights.)

Pay Deposit: £TBC

Total amount: £TBC

Download booking form:

Email booking form: 

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