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Leadership Assessments

River Leader

We're proud to be a provider of British Canoeing's professional leadership  qualifications. 

At Paddle365 we're proud to be able to assess all levels of kayak leader on inland waterways. We can also assess in any location in the UK and beyond, so please get in touch with us to plan your assessment. 

How it works
We believe that an assessment day should feel like a day at t
he job. When you go for assessment you can be sure of a supportive assessment that is far from just a box ticking exercise; We're committed to aiding your development as a river guide. We'll watch you deliver a quality day on the water for your mock students, and let you know as soon as we feel you've demonstrated the behaviours and capabilities of the assessment standard. 

How do I know if I am ready for assessment?

First, visit the Paddles Up Training website for a full set of information about the qualification you're undertaking, with a list of its pre-requisites.  If you are unsure, please feel free to get in touch with us.  We are also happy to put on a training course for every award we assess. These are designed to push participants' boat skills and leadership skills, and to help them map out their pathway to assessment. 

What do I need to bring with me to assessment?

In keeping with the idea that this is an assessed day at the job, you should bring: 

  • Proof that you are registered for assessment with British Canoeing. 

  • All of your own paddling kit and additional equipment for looking after a group in your chosen environment. 

  • 3-4 students to who are in need of leading on a quality day out on the water. We can help you find suitable people for this role if need be, but you will be responsible for their induction and preparation for the day. 

What's included in the price of an assessment?

  •  A pre-assessment conversation to ensure the candidate understands the process they will go through.

  • A British Canoeing Leadership assessment with certification included if the candidate is successful. 

  • An action plan for the ongoing development of the candidate

What happens if we don't get the right environmental conditions on the day? 

These assessments are the best test we have of whether a leader is ready for the responsibility of leading real learner paddlers in the outdoor environment. For this reason, strict rules are set on the environmental conditions necessary to make a judgement on a leader's abilities. We will always work with candidate to come up with a plan that is likely to create assessment conditions on the day, and be honest if we feel it is unlikely to happen, providing an opportunity to cancel early and avoid charge 10 days ahead of time. If you choose to proceed with an assessment, the fee for the assessor's time will be non refundable. In the event of a cancelled assessment, we will always seek to create a positive development opportunity for the candidate, be it by running a mock assessment or a 1-2-1 coaching day. 


We can assess...

Paddlesport Leader 
This is the qualification needed for those wishing to guide on sheltered water in mixed groups including Canoe, Kayak and Paddleboard. 

White Water Kayak Leader

This is the qualification needed for those wishing to lead on moderate white water up to grade 3. 

Advanced White Water Kayak Leader 

This is the qualification needed for those wishing to lead on advanced white water grade 4. 

All assessments are arranged directly with the candidate. 

The cost for an assessment day is £250, or £320 if shared between two candidates.


Joe:  September 2022
Completing my White Water Leader assessment with Jamie from Paddle365 was an enjoyable experience. His method of assessment helped calm the natural nerves that come with any assessment, and made the day feel like an enjoyable paddle on the river. He offered each assessee constructive feedback and development pathways to enhance both river leading skills and personal development. I would highly recommend Jamie at Paddle365 for completing a White Water Leader assessment.


Leo:  June 2023
I don't like assessments... so the friendly/ reassuring approach was appreciated from the both of us. Our led paddlers felt comfortable chatting to you throughout the day which I liked, it created a good atmosphere in which I could lead how I usually do. I was really pleased with the feedback at the end.... Nice to get a fresh pair of eyes on how I operate :)

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