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Mentorship Programme

We believe in helping as many people share our dream as possible. That's why we've created the Mentorship Programme.


Are you learning to paddle whitewater for the first time? Do you want to become a skilled coach or guide? Maybe you dream of kayaking in the Himalayas one day, or maybe you just want to gain the confidence to go out and have fun on whitewater with a gang of friends!  We'd like to encourage our customers to have a long term goal and to allow us into the process so that we can support you across the whole span of your development.  


Mentorship Programme Benefits

- As a member of the Paddle365 Mentorship Programme, you're entitled to 15% off all Open Courses that take place in the UK.  

-Unlimited technical advice and support online to aid your development over a long distance, including photo and video review.

- For those of you looking to become a coach or guide, we also give Mentees the opportunity to shadow and assist on our UK based skills courses for free to gain vital experience and fill those logbooks.  A student's suitability to shadow a course will always be at the discretion of the Paddle365 staff member running the course. Spaces for this will be limited to one per day. 

- An invitation to exclusive Mentorship Programme events. We will aim to host 2 exclusive events per year, which will always be run at minimum price. 


How do I enter the programme?

To qualify for membership of the Mentorship Programme, all you have to do is book at least 2 days of training with Paddle365 per year, and ask to join the group! You'll then have access to the Mentorship Group on Facebook and we'll add your email to a mailing list for exclusive offers and events.

If you have already had at least 2 days this year, congratulations... You're pre-qualified! 



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