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White Water Kayak Roll Development

White Water Roll by Pete Rawlinson

Are you tired of swimming and being 'rescued' from situations that if you could have just rolled up would have been completely avoidable?

Introducing our White Water Roll Development service.

Being able to roll your kayak after capsizing in rapids is one of the most vital skills in the game. Being able to perform this skill is the biggest possible accelerator to a kayaker's learning pathway, as the consequences for failing a move on the water fall away.


Our coaches are experts in the art of the kayak roll, and are primed to help you in one of the biggest parts of your journey as a white water kayaker, which is gaining a dependable moving water roll. 

We can help you with technical adjustments and tactics needed to help your roll become more reliable, along with psychological 'bombproofing' required to ensure you can pull this vital skill out of the bag when it is needed most.

Whitewater Roll Development - £100 per day. 

This training is designed to help paddlers to turn a flat water roll into white water roll.  Participants should be able to roll in flat water such as a swimming pool, and should be at minimum comfortable in a grade 2 white water environment. 


12th June 2024, Wednesday at Mile End Mill, Llangollen
28th July 2024, Sunday at Mile End Mill, Llangollen

26th Aug 2024, Monday (bank holiday) at Mile End Mill, Llangollen


or contact us to arrange an alternate date.

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