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Freestyle Fundementals

matt freestyle kayaking

Freestyle is all about surfing waves, pulling tricks, having fun and cheering on your mates from the eddy - 2 Days

Flat water and park and play G2/3


23rd-24th May 2024 - North Wales - Spaces Available

20th-21st July 2024 - Nottingham - Spaces Available

There is nothing quite like the feeling of pulling cool tricks with your friends. Throughout the two days we will work with you on a range of flat water and white water moves from getting the ends down, getting yourself on and off a variety of features, surfing, controlling your position in features and most importantly having fun. Along side this we will look at warming up, how to help ourselves and our paddling buddies, visualisation and freestyle specific equipment we will be using.  

For this course, you will require an appropriate freestyle boat and having a reasonably effective roll will give you the opportunity to make the most out of it.  Half and full slice boats can be accommodated with advanced notice.

What's included in the price

- Professional coaching from an experienced and qualified member of staff.

- An action plan and access to ongoing support to continue improving. 

- Digital copies of all photos from the course.


What's not included in the price

- Food and Accommodation

- Transport to and from the river (unless agreed otherwise. We will take minimal vehicles to ensure efficiency and lowest carbon impact.)

- Boat hire or equipment use (please contact us if you require anything)

- Parking and Facility Fees.

- British Canoeing Certificate fees (if applicable)





Course Cost: £200

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