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Our Staff

Our passion, is your passion!

All our staff are internationally experienced, highly qualified, and above all, passionate about coaching! 

We operate as a cooperation of some of the best in the business, so you know whenever you choose Paddle365, you get the same care and attention no matter which product you choose. 

Luke Partridge


The dreamer who first founded Paddle365, its ethos and its standards, Luke is a whitewater kayaking guru who has travelled kayaking all over the world.   Luke is a team paddler for Pyranha kayaks, Select paddles, Immersion Research, SurfEars ear plugs and Canoe and Kayak store. As well as kayaking, he has a great love of photography, so you are sure to get some great shots!  He now lives in British Colombia and heads up our Nepal adventures and online courses.

Jamie Greenhalgh


A highly experienced kayaker, coach and all round great guy; Jamie made a bid to escape the London life he was born to by devoting as much time to adventure kayaking as is humanly possibly.  With a long list of major descents across Europe and Asia to his name, his personal experience is matched by his enthusiasm and passion. Jamie is a Pyranha Kayaks, NRS Europe, SurfEars and Select Paddles team member.


Jamie heads up our UK Coaching Team and delivers a ton of skills courses and workshops for happy paddlers all year round!

Beth Morgan


Beth's masses of experience and true buzz for whitewater kayaking make her one of the best people you could ever hope to go boating with. Years of travelling to kayak mean her bio would be a long read, but her main paddling passions are extreme racing, expedition kayaking and developing others so that they can share the adventure.  Beth can be found on a lot of our international courses as well as a few UK Courses and Women's Specifics. 

Joe Harbour

Having started paddling in his early teens, there hasn’t been much that has kept Joe away from the water. Be it Whitewater kayaking, Raft guiding or Freestyle, you will usually find him down by the river somewhere. Having paddled across the UK, Europe, India and Uganda, he brings his love of the water with him to every course or adventure and wants nothing more than taking people to places they never would have seen otherwise.

Joe can be found delivering a wide range of our skills courses and workshops, helping oversee day to day operations and working closely with our sister company Dee River Kayaking.

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