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Norway - Sjoa River Runner Courses

Sjoa, Norway: River Runner Courses


Norwegian Progressive River Runner: 26th-31st July 2025
Norwegian Advanced River Runner: 2nd-7th August 2025

Spaces Available 

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These dates are paddling days based in the Sjoa region and participants should be in country and set up to paddle full days on these dates. 

Norway is a mecca for whitewater paddlers from all over the world. Alongside the mountains, Trolls and Vikings, the Fjordlands are home to some of the most varied river terrain on the planet. The Sjoa region brings it all together in one boiling pot of whitewater classics, where you can paddle wide and powerful river sections alongside technical steep creeks. 


What's more, it's not just for pro's! The Sjoa region boasts an incredible array of rivers at a class 3 and 4 level, so you can have an awe-inspiring week's kayaking even if you're not the next Dane Jackson.


On this 5 day whitewater skills course we'll cover techniques for advanced river kayaking in a progressive package that will allow you to acclimatise to norwegian power and push yourself gradually as your skill and confidence grows. As with all our courses, you'll receive cutting edge coaching and individualised feedback to help you achieve your personal whitewater goals! Our coaching and guiding service will be provided by BC Advanced Whitewater Kayak Coaches on a 1:3 staff:student ratio.  For the 5 days these whitewater pro's will dedicate themselves to furthering your love of river running through this Norwegian white water experience. 

Minimum skill requirements:
River Runner:  You should be very comfortable, confident and adaptable on grade 2 whitewater, have experience kayaking grade 3 and be in a position to take up rapids that challenge you at this grade at regular intervals throughout the  course. You should have a working whitewater roll.

Advanced River Runner:  you should be very comfortable, confident and adaptable on class 3 whitewater, have experience kayaking grade 4, and be in a position to take up rapids that challenge you at this grade at regular intervals throughout this  course. You should have a working whitewater roll.


If you are not sure which course best fits you, why not talk to us about it? 


This is a coaching only service, which means participants will be responsible for sorting out their own transport, accommodation and food.  We will offer logistical consultation as you prepare for this trip. We'll aim to help you get sorted with the team of others who book and help you avoid any major pitfalls.


Accommodation: You can stay at one of the local rafting bases where there is plenty of self-catered accommodation, private rooms, dorm rooms, and camping to suit any requirement. You may also stay elsewhere in the locality.  Sjoa is a 4 hour drive from Oslo airport where you can pick up a rental vehicle. 

Boats: If not driving out, customers will need to either fly with a kayak or hire boats locally in Sjoa. We will help you to find the best solution for you. 

Travel insurance: covering up to whitewater kayaking up to grade 5 is essential. As increasing proportions of the course fees will become non-refundable as per cancellation policy once we near the start of the course dates, any cancellation by the client due to injury or sickness etc will need to be claimed by the client against their own travel insurance. 

-Transport and Transporting Kayaks: If not driving out, we recommend you team up with other participants to hire a vehicle from Oslo Airport. It is possible with certain hire car providers to select a vehicle with a roof rack, and this would be our suggestion. Participants must have a kayak carrying capacity on any vehicle used. 

Pay Deposit: £250
Total amount: £750

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