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Coaching forJuniors

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Whitewater Juniors Development Courses!


Paddle365 is Licensed by the Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority to provide our cutting edge white water skills coaching service to under 18's. Welcoming junior paddlers to our courses is something that we at Paddle365 are proud of.  We truly believe in the unrivalled ability of going kayaking in adventurous environments to keep kids inspired, driven and thriving.   We welcome junior paddlers for training in 3 different ways. 

Junior Whitewater Events

This is something we at Paddle365 are proud to be able to host.  Our Whitewater Juniors Club events are days out on the water dedicated to the kayaking and social progression of young paddlers aged 12-17. 

Our Junior Club Events are divided between Launchers (Grade 2/3, Chargers (Grade 3/4), and Flippers (playboat/freestyle). 

  • Launchers are events for junior paddlers who have basic boat control skills and will be keen on playing and learning in a grade 2 environment. They will also have the chance to work towards paddling grade 3 whitewater.  The minimum skill requirement is to be happy paddling in a straight line, wearing a spraydeck, and be able to swim in white water without panic.

  • Chargers are events for junior paddlers who have advanced boat control skills and can roll, are comfortable and experienced in the grade 3 environment, and will have the chance to work towards paddling grade 4 whitewater. 

  • Flippers are events for junior playboaters who love nothing more than wave surfing, coming up with tricks, and getting flipped every possible way!

  • We also deliver a Juniors White Water Safety course once per year that is open to any who are comfortable grade 2 paddlers

Each day we meet at a location central to our river options for the course. We'll have a quick briefing and then head out for a river adventure.  These events will be based in North Wales unless stated otherwise next to the course date. These event days will always be priced at £80 per day.


Private Bookings

Junior paddlers between the ages of 12-17 are very welcome to book to develop their skills privately with us. The price for private 1-2-1 coaching is £100 per half day or £180 per day, and the price for a private groups is £250 per day (group of 2-4), £350 group of 5-6 and £450 for up to 8. Get in touch for more. 

Inclusion on our regular adult courses

Junior paddlers aged 16 and over are welcome to join any of our open training courses, provided they have the required skill level. We may also extend this offer to paddlers aged 14+ in certain circumstances if we know them and they are mature for their age, and this may be decided case by case. 

You should bring:
- A full set of kayaking equipment including boat, paddle, helmet, spraydeck, buoyancy aid, and suitable clothing for the river such as a drysuit or wetsuit and dry cag combo.  If there is equipment you don't have, we may be able to help you source it. Just ask.

- A packed lunch with a sealed container to keep it in, preferably a drybag.

-A towel and full change of clothes. 

Please note that transportation is not provided so paddlers must be able to travel to and from the chosen river venue.  We're happy to put participants together who would like to share journeys as long as all parties consent to that sharing of information.  Due to the unpredictable nature of UK river kayaking it is normal that we will not know where we're going until the week of the event, beyond a general region. Please be patient and an email will be sent out with joining instructions in the days running up to the trip. While on the water, a parent or nominated responsible adult should remain in the locality able to respond if needed. 

White Water Safety Notice for parents

Whitewater kayaking is a sport that takes place in a risky environment, and one where any participant can be harmed without any fault of them or the trip leaders.  Paddle365 staff will always do everything possible to manage the risks inherent in the sport, with a whole host of measures from the equipment we carry to the controlled style of our rapid descents. It is however important to understand that we will never be able to eliminate risk. We will always be happy to answer questions about the risk level of a particular course, river or event for their child.

Junior Whitewater Events 2024

River Dee
28th April 


River Tryweryn 11th & 12th May

River Dee 4th August
River Tryweryn 5th August

White Water Safety Course:

North Wales 7th & 8th September


More dates may be incoming. 

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