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Whitewater Juniors Club

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Whitewater Juniors Club!


The Whitewater Junior's Club is something we at Paddle365 are proud to be able to host.  Our Whitewater Juniors Club events are days out on the water dedicated to the kayaking and social progression of young paddlers aged 12-17. 

Each day we'll meet at a location central to our river options for the course. We'll have a quick briefing and then head out for a river adventure.  These events will be based in North Wales unless stated otherwise next to the course date. 

Our Junior Club Events are divided between Springboard Events (Grade 2/3 Whitewater, Charger Events (Grade 3/4), and Safety Days. 

Springboard events are targeted at junior paddlers who have basic boat control skills and will be happy being in the grade 2 environment, and will have the chance to work towards paddling grade 3 whitewater. 

Charger events are targeted at junior paddlers who have advanced boat control skills and can roll, are comfortable and experience in the grade 3 environment, and will have the chance to work towards paddling grade 4 whitewater. 

Safety days and WWSR

Whitewater kayaking is a sport that takes place in a risky environment, and we want to make sure our young paddlers are well equipped to take on the rough with the smooth. Not only is being experienced in river safety good for the wellbeing of you and your teammates, it is also great for your confidence on the river, and helps paddlers to develop leadership skills. There are no drawbacks here! Safety days are open to all our junior paddlers. They should dress to get very wet! 

You should bring:
- A full set of kayaking equipment including boat, paddle, helmet, spraydeck, buoyancy aid, and suitable clothing for the river such as a drysuit or wetsuit and dry cag combo.  If there is equipment you don't have, we're often able to help you source it. Just ask.

- A packed lunch with a sealed container to keep it in, preferably a drybag.

-A towel and full change of clothes. 

Please note that transportation is not provided so paddlers must be able to travel to and from the chosen river venue.  We're happy to put participants together who would like to share journeys as long as all parties consent to that sharing of information.  Due to the unpredictable nature of UK river kayaking it is normal that we will not know where we're going until the week of the event, beyond a general region. Please be patient and an email will be sent out with joining instructions in the days running up to the trip. 

Daily fee: £65


Easter - North Wales

Springboard: 10th -11th April

Whitewater Safety and Rescue:

12th - 13th April (2 days, £165)

Chargers: 14th April


May Half term - North Wales

Springboard: 29th - 30th May

Chargers: 31st May - 1st June

Freestyle: 2nd June

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