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Intermediate Skill Development

Intermediate Skill Development - 2 Days

Grade of whitewater: 3


If you are looking to take your whitewater kayaking skills to a level where they can begin to shine, look no further.  The Intermediate Skill Development course aims to cement and solidify core skills and aim to put them into context in more challenging whitewater up to grade 3. We hope to send paddlers from this course away feeling knowledgeable and competent in the grade 3 whitewater environment, able to act as part of an independent team of boaters. 



25th-26th April 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

10th-11h June 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

15th-16th July 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available


16th-17th May 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

25th - 26th May 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

27th May Whitewater safety refresher day

22nd-23rd June 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

Throughout this course we'll work with you to develop your abilities in the 5 key elements of whitewater kayaking: 
- Boat Control 

- Reading Whitewater

- Controlling momentum

- River Safety

- Mindset

To read more about the 5 elements of whitewater, click here.

Each day we'll meet at a location central to our river options for the course. We'll have a quick briefing over a coffee and then head out for a river adventure. On the water we'll balance technical coaching with adventure mentoring to help you gain experience on the river in a holistic way. 

Who's this course for? 

The semi-experienced grade 2/3 whitewater paddler looking at becoming consistent and stylish at that grade, and looking to develop the ability function as an independent part of a team, without needing to be led down every rapid.  Participants on this course should have the core skills necessary to be very comfortable in the grade 2 whitewater environment, and to be able to look at paddling grade 3 rapids. Being consistently able to do a whitewater roll is not essential, but you should be some way on the road toward this. 


What's included in the price

- Professional coaching from an experienced and qualified member of staff.

- A plan going forward and access to Paddle365 Mentorship Group.

What isn't included

-Any fees needed for car parking or river access at our chosen paddling location.

-Equipment use, though if there is something you don't have please feel free to speak with us to find a solution. Boat Hire is available for £25 per day either through us or an external partner and everything else can be sourced easily- You just have to ask. 

-Transport to and from the river (unless agreed otherwise. We will take minimal vehicles to ensure efficiency and lowest carbon and monetary impact.)

You will need to bring

- Your Kayaking equipment:  Boat, Paddle, Spraydeck, Buoyancy Aid, Helmet, and wetsuit or drywear, shoes to wear on the river, basic escue kit.  Let us know if there is anything you don't have. Boat Hire is available for £25 per day either through us or an external partner. 

- A packed lunch and drinking water. You should bring a drybag to keep them in while on the water. 


If you like this, you would love the Northern Whitewater Adventure! 




Course Cost: £200

The progressive nature of the course ticked all the boxes I was looking for with combinations of new lines, challenges and good old fashioned fun all delivered by great coaching. By the end of the week I had a clear understanding of a running theme to take away and work on. Now to get on it and apply with my new boat.     Emma Foxley - 5* 

It was an awesome experience and one I would recommend to others who are stuck in their paddling progression and want to progress further. Jamie is a patient and detailed instructor and it is easy to see that he is extremely passionate about the sport.  Morten Chen - 5*


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