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 Skill Booster - Advanced Whitewater

Advanced Skill Development

Grade of whitewater: 4

So you've become confident in your class 3 whitewater kayaking skill and are ready for the next step? Maybe you want to tackle that rapid you always portage? Maybe you want to push to grade 4 and above? Well this is the one for you! 



Check back with us soon for our Autumn dates


28th-29th March 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

16th-17th May 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

22nd-23rd June 2024 (2 Days) - North Wales - Spaces Available

Also consider Steep Creeking Fundamentals and Scotland!

Steep Creeking Yorkshire 

Check back with us soon for our Autumn dates


4th-8th June 2024 - 5 days dam released kayaking around Fort William and Tummel

In this course, we will look at adapting your existing whitewater kayaking skills to use on advanced whitewater, which is often characterised by having steeper terrain and longer rapids. We'll work hard so you can gain the confidence and skill to style your lines consistently on harder, longer rapids. 


Throughout this course we'll work with you to develop your abilities in the 5 key elements of whitewater kayaking: 
- Boat Control 

- Reading Whitewater

- Controlling momentum

- River Safety

- Mindset

To read more about the 5 elements of whitewater, click here.

Each day we'll meet at a location central to our river options for the course. We'll have a quick briefing over a coffee and then head out for a river adventure. On the water we'll balance technical coaching with adventure mentoring to help you gain experience on the river in a holistic way. 

Who's this course for?

The grade 3 -4 kayaker who wants to up their game. Stop relying on support strokes, use the river and style their lines. You don't have to be all over it, that's why we're here, but to make the most of this course you should have a reliable roll and be paddling class 3 well with a degree of consistency, and be keen to paddle and learn on grade 4.


What's included in the price

- Professional coaching from an experienced and qualified member of staff.

- A plan going forward and access to the Paddle365 Mentorship Group

What's not included in the price

-Accomodation and food. Contact us for hotel recommendations local to our most likely course venues. 

-Transport to and from the river (unless agreed otherwise. We will take minimal vehicles to ensure efficiency and lowest carbon and monetary impact.)

-Boat hire or equipment use (This can be arranged at additional cost. Please contact us if you require anything).

-Car parking or facility fees.




Course Cost: £200

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