Whitewater Safety & Rescue Training

Whitewater Safety and Rescue Training-2 days 

Grade of whitewater (2-3)

June 12-13 North Wales - 2 Spaces

July 22-23 North Wales - 6 Spaces


Join us for the most important piece of whitewater tuition you'll ever receive. Your British Canoeing Whitewater Safety and Rescue Training will be an immersive two day experience with hands-on scenario based learning. We will practice life saving techniques so that you can make sure that you are as well armed as possible to the realities of risk inherent in whitewater kayaking. 

To find out more about the course and its syllabus, click here.


What's included in the price:

- Professional coaching from an experienced and qualified member of staff.

- British Canoeing Whitewater Safety and Rescue Training attendance  certificate. Pre-requisite for all river based leadership and coaching qualifications.


What's not included in the price

-Boat hire or equipment use. 
-British Canoeing certification fee.

-Small Parking or facility use fees.

Kit List

• Personal Kayaking clothing - especially footwear suitable for scrambling around banks.
• Throwline – Floating high visibility rope, minimum length 15m, minimum diameter 8mm.
• River Knife – sharp, safely stowed but easily accessible single-handed.
• 2 to 3 Karabiners – Locking HMS pear shaped anodised alloy karabiners.
• An un-knotted 3 – 5m length of climbers tape webbing
• Buoyancy Aid with quick release chest harness
• Whistle
• Kayak / canoe








Wading Rescue WWSR
Wading Rescue WWSR
Boat based swimmer rescue
Boat based swimmer rescue

Pay Deposit: £70

Total amount: £160

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