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Whitewater Art Club Week #2 -Constriction

Updated: May 9, 2020

One week ago, we started Whitewater Art Club, and it's been brilliant to get the responses we've had!

This project has 3 aims:

  • Showcase differences in people's perception when looking at moving water.

  • Help paddlers to develop their ability to understand and read moving water.

  • Give us all something fun to do in those moments of downtime.

This week's subject: Constriction on the River Lune with Gary!

Just as before, you have two options:

1. Draw the scene from the same perspective as the photograph, but find a way to really showcase and draw attention to the movement in the water.

2. Draw the scene from a different perspective than the one in the photograph.

Take a really good look at the water in the photo. Does it have any lines that might tell you which way it's travelling? what do you think could be causing it to go that way? Can you imagine what it is that is causing this rapid to be there in the first place? Does the paddler look like they're in control, and if so what are they doing to stay in control?

Thanks so much to those who took part last week!

Please send a photo of this week's efforts to with the Title 'Whitewater Art Club- Constriction -YOUR NAME, Or post it to your social media feed with #whitewaterartclub. On Thursday May 14th I'll post a new image along with a slideshow of the entries (anonymously shown) from the previous week.

Why not take a moment to check out the video of last week's submissions!

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